Far-Reaching Vision:

That’s Owl Operating

A camaraderie driven to maximize the quality of life of matured wells in a socially responsible manner.

That’s Owl Operating

A Transformative Approach to Achieve Success

At Owl, we aspire to breathe new life into wells. We solely focus our foundational resources to amplify value on mature producing assets for investors and mineral owners alike. In combination of our production operations expertise, nurturing partnerships, and thoughtful investments, we align our core strategically through socially responsible operations.

Our Business

We are focused on the acquisition of producing oil & gas assets. We strive to “leave no barrel behind” by maintaining both environmental and financial sustainability. While our world relies on oil & gas, we believe maximizing recoverable reserves from existing wellbores alleviates our growing carbon footprint. Through our commitment to socially responsible operations for their remaining life, we provide a trustworthy outlet to active drilling operators to divest non-core producing assets.


We prioritize sustainability with confidence in our people, technology, and operational excellence in providing a strategic and financially versatile business.

  • Diverse backgrounds with high focus in production operations
  • Motivated individuals with responsibility to drive ownership and maximize profitability
  • Value relationships with a commitment to the communities we operate in
  • Passion and desire to learn and continue to innovate
  • Fully integrated systems to develop deeper insights
  • Create visibility and transparency throughout the organization
  • Effectively use technology to maximize performance to maintain a competitive advantage.
Operational Excellence
  • Safely operate in an environmentally conscious manner
  • Value-optimization through critical thinking and approach
  • Camaraderie driven toward a common goal
Financial Versatility
  • Ability to manage and maximize cash flow in all commodity environments
  • Balanced commodity portfolio
  • Growth through cash flow


Here at Owl, our team and their families proudly call West Texas their home. We understand the importance of cultural values and relationships within the communities we operate.


We take great value in our relationships with surface & mineral owners, investors, and service companies whom all practice integrity and fully support one another in helping achieve our successes.